On-time delivery by experienced technical personnel at our state-of-the-art facilities

MET-RİN Group, a global leader in the manufacture of equipment for construction markets, supermarkets and stores, seating mechanisms, school equipment, bike and trunk carriers, and sheet molds and welding fixtures, sustains a solid growth across an array of markets. MET-RİN Group owes this success to its strong corporate business culture. MET-RİN Group identifies customer and market needs and cater to them with customized and affordable solutions.


Harboring high quality, flawless workmanship, and technology at once, MET-RİN creates and delivers unparalleled store concepts. As a result of a strategic decision, the group has production facilities in the Turkish city Bursa, a multimodal transport hub sitting at the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa. At MET-RİN Group subsidiaries, professionalism stems from our 40 years of design and production experience as well as combining technology and resources with customer-centric smart solutions. On top of this, our top-notch quality, speed and reliability stand us out before you, our valuable customers.


We Are Passionate

We are one big family that starts every day with shared fresh goals to meet customer expectations. At MET-RİN Group, all our employees, from design to manufacturing, work with dedication and passion.

We Are Professional

At our 25,000sqm production facilities, an experienced manufacturing team provides automobile manufacturers, retailers, construction markets, stadiums and educational facilities with the latest and most innovative designs paired with quick and top-notch services.

We Are Innovative

We respect the business, and our customers. In a bid to keep pace with the times, ramp up production, and offer proper and quality services to our customers; we are closely following the latest technological developments. To leverage state-of-the-art technology in our products and services, we ensure to update our production lines as well as ourselves.

We Are Proud

We believe that it is critical to expand from local to global by maintaining successful results in design and manufacturing. Any product from our factory is the outcome of hard work and dedication. We developed, every year, hundreds of projects for our customers across the globe. In Asia, Africa, and Europe, we have delivered innovative designs and products for stores, educational facilities, and stadiums. At MET-RİN Group, we have developed solutions for 3,000 companies across 25 markets.